Lets you view popout, nickname and more from your account panel at the bottom.

Badges Everywhere

Displays Badges (Nitro, Hypesquad, etc...) in the chat/memberlist/userpopout.

Char Counter

Adds a character counter to your text area, which also displays the amount of selected characters when you select something in the text area.

Game Activity Toggle

Simple plugin that adds a "Display Game Activity" button on the main toolbar so you can toggle it easier. For when you don't want your friends knowing that you're playing games, but quickly.


Allows you to copy images (png/jpg) directly to your system clipboard. You can do this through the modal or through the context menu.

Open Spotify Links In Spotify

Opens Spotify Links Directly in Spotify.

Server Counter

Adds a server counter to the server list.

Top Roles Everywhere

Adds the highest role of a user as a tag.


Automatically plays animated avatars, emojis, gifs and more.


Blurs images in NSFW channels until you hover over it.

Creation Date

Displays the Creation Date of an Account in the User Popout and User Modal.

Image Utilities

Adds a handful of options for images/emotes/avatars (direct download, reverse image search, zoom, copy image link, copy image to clipboard, gallery mode).


Allows you to view a users permissions.


Adds a button to search your servers. Search in place or in popout.


See every status a user has enabled.

Google Translate

Adds a Google Translate option to your context menu, which shows a preview of the translated text and on click will open the selected text in Google Translate. Also adds a translation button to your textareas, which will automatically translate the text for you before it is being sent.